Tantric massage, Nuru massage and Lingam massage in the South East by English blonde

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Q. Your phone is off

A. This is a part time thing for me and i only turn my phone on during the dates shown on my website. I will try to answer as many calls as i can in the days leading up to my arrival in the area, but please don't get put off if you don't get me straight away. Thank you for understanding.

Q. What oils do you use?

A. I use a base oil, which is usually grapeseed or almond oil and is unscented.  I can add aromatherapy oil depending on whether you  want it or not.

Q. Are you fully naked throughout the massage?

A. Yes I am, and my skin will always be in contact with your body.

Q. Are you a qualified massage therapist?

A. I am indeed. I am a Holistic Therapist. Holistic health means that your psychological, physical  and lifestyle is treated and assessed as a whole as it all contributes to your mental and physical wellness. I practice various techniques of massage, including Aromatherapy and Indian head massage. Colonic Hydra therapy, Reflexology, Crystal healing Reki, and meditation. I have also studied Anatomy and Physiology for the whole body amongst other things. I am about to start a degree course in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Q. Booking etiquette

A. If you make a booking to see me, I will ask you to call on the day and will give you a specific time to call to confirm. It is important that you call me at the requested time. If you fail to call I will assume you can no longer make your appointment, and haven't made an effort to notify me. If this happens you will be unable to make an appointment with me in the future and your appointment will be given out to someone else. If you don't show up, you will also be blocked. If you cancel with me after confirming in the morning, you will be blocked.

Q. What are your hours and when do you work?

A. It will vary as I have as I have another job. I try to dedicate four days a week to this, but I only see a limited amount of clients per day. I usually take bookings between 12:00 and 18:00 and I will always have the dates and locations listed on my website. If you are unsure then the best thing to do is email me.

Q. Do you offer penetration?

A. No sorry I don't offer this. All services I do like are included in my profile. I am more of a naughty tantric massage sort of woman.

Q. How do I make a booking?

A. You can email me to find out if I am able to make your requested date and time, or you can give me  call. If we have only corresponded via email I will need to talk to you first before I confirm.

Q. You don't have professional pictures!?!

A. *Shock Horror* Excuse me a minute, let me pick my jaw up off the floor... How dreadful of me just to go ahead and post my point and shoot photos on here. Truth is, I like them. I mean, come on guys. Once you've seen one or ten exquisitely manicured woman pouting and squeezing her breasts together whilst bent over a chair with her legs wide apart you have seen them all. I know the male brain is very easily pleased, and a photo of what would seem to be a wanton woman posing suggestively is,  I'm sure is very exciting. Maybe it's because I am a woman that I just don't get it, but I find them all very samey and dull after a while, and I am neither dull nor samey. I like my nice normal photos in all their pixelated glory, so bugger off and leave me alone! lol ;-) I can assure you that there is nothing unprofessional about my skills. Mwah

Q. Can I touch you?

A. Of course you can, however I do like you to remain passive throughout your massage. You will benefit more from the massage if you just relax, let go and enjoy! There is still plenty of opportunity for you to gently touch my body when we get into the physical part of the experience. And don't forget, I give you body to body, so you will feel my body in contact with yours most of the time! I must admit though guys, I don't like been grabbed, poked, prodded, squeezed hard and pulled around. I will not respond well to this and neither of us will have a good time. I know it's very exciting and that you are very horny, but please remember I am a woman not an animal in a zoo. I must be touched gently and treated with respect at all time at all times. I love been softly carressed, kissed and licked.

Q. Do you have shower facilities?

A. Yes of course I do, and I always have fresh towels. I will also have refreshments and if your lucky you might get a sweetie if I haven't scoffed them all!

Q. Age limits?

A. I would prefer to meet with Gentlemen over the age of 35 please, there is no upward age limit.