Tantric massage, Nuru massage and Lingam massage in the South East by English blonde

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Tour Dates

This tour page is set up to let you know my movements over the next few weeks.

New dates being posted soon, please check in a few days


Just a quick update. I have had the last year  off due to family illness but i will be back within the next few weeks.

Working on dates/locations/new photos etc, and will update as soon as i have some solid plans! I am going to make an attempt at replying to emails.

I currently have a little over 2000 to reply to so it will likely be a copy and paste jobby to notify you of my return, my new date and to make contact if you are still interested and we can take it from there, I wont be replying to specific questions and booking requests that are now out of date.

A bit impersonal and not usually the way i like to do things, so I apologize in advance for that

I only see a limited amount of people per day so it's always best to book in advance provided you are sure you can make the arranged time. Please check out my contact page for information on how best to contact me