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Tour Dates

This tour page is set up to let you know my movements over the next few weeks.











I only see a limited amount of people per day so it's always best to book in advance provided you are sure you can make the arranged time. Please check out my contact page for information on how best to contact me

As a lot of people have noticed my absence and unreliability over the past month, I have decided to make a post briefly explaining why I have been away. As a few of my regular clients will already know, I have been the main career for my 91 year old grandmother since may.

She has vascular dementia and has been taking up big parts of my weeks with her breakdowns. In the last week she has been admitted into hospital with a very severe uti; possible bladder cancer and clots on her lungs. [Pulmonary embolism] at the moment the clots can't be cleared because she is already losing to much blood from the bladder issues. It is likely she will pass within the next few weeks.  

To add to this, two months ago my father was diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 lung cancer. The cancer has metastasised to his brain, bones, stomach and kidneys. He is in the last months of his life and having palliative care at home and at the hospital. At the moment because it has all happened so fast I am struggling to get a care plan in place for dad.

I am my fathers only family and friend and my grandmothers side of the family are also very small and spread out. I am my fathers main career at present and it has become a 24/7 job. There will be the odd days where I can get into work with some planning so my dates below will be subject to change each week. I hope to aim to do at least two to three days a week and will update accordingly.

As i'm sure you can understand this will also leave me slightly unpredictable on the day if there is an emergency. I would still prefer bookings made in advance so that I can organize things. My phone will not be on unless my green light is on and I am working. I will not be taking last minute bookings, but will take a couple of bookings if I can, from people who call between 10:00 and 12:00 on the days I am showing as working.

Please only book if you are sure you can make it, it is hard for me to plan hours away and it would only be robbing me of time with my family and frustrate things for me even more. Please have some understanding during these difficult times and be patient with me. Please keep emails short and to the point and only make contact if you require a booking.

As it stands I have over 260 emails to get back to. I may or may not get a chance to do this. If I have missed one of your emails please re-send it to me once again. My head is very foggy and I am extremely burdened by all of this so please be kind to me while I am working over the next four to six months, I will not be able to handle the bullshit as well as I always do so I am going to be extra picky with who I see.

Just a heads up, this message will also be attached as a auto reply to my emails, so sorry if you get it more than once. All that aside I am looking forward to coming in to work for a break and living a few days as a "normal" person again, and I want to thank my "regulars" who have been understanding over the last few months!